About Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula

Drake Bay, a beachfront community located on the Pacific Ocean in the Osa Peninsula, is a world class Eco-tourism destination 40 minutes by air from San Jose and one hour by boat from Sierpe. It  offers the ultimate in natural beauty, where magnificent forests stretch to the shores of untouched beaches. Drake Bay is truly a nature lovers paradise.    


 There are very few luxury beachfront homes for sale in Drake Bay or the Osa Peninsula, since much of the rainforest there is protected from development with parks and reserves. This restricted development is what makes Mono Lisa an incredible jungle luxury villa.


Drake Bay is famous for tours to Corcovado National Park, Cano Island for scuba diving and snorkeling, whale and dolphin tours, deep sea fishing, kayaking, bird watching, night  tours, canopy tours, horseback riding on the beaches, and hiking inside primary rainforests.  Additionally, Drake Bay provides off-shore anchorage for small cruise ships to enjoy on-shore excursions.   Drake Bay also includes the beautiful Aquijitas River plus scenic views of Costa Rica's tallest mountains.

Photos of Drake Bay

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River in Drake Bay
Aquijitas River & Swinging Bridge

Drake Bay

River in Drake Bay
Aquijitas River in Drake Bay

Drake Bay


"Mono Lisa" -  Mono translates to Monkey in Spanish.  This beachfront luxury villa is a rare jungle jewel.